Our Architect is Eric Lloyd Wright of ELW Studios, Malibu California, USA. The purpose of this rendering is to indicate
the scope of our island resort: 160 suites, 40 bungalows, 15 villas, 5 experiential entertainment domes and 3 beaches.

"We will become known as the preeminent place on the planet for couples who want an Adult Only - Kid Free environment."


welcome to THE ISLE OF LOVE!

As we witness the green driven evolution of our world economy from consumerism to experientialism, a new industry is emerging called Experiential Entertainment. Powerful technologies matched with creative geniuses bring new activities for people to participate in...
creating stories they can tell for the rest of their lives, like a first trip to Disneyland® - but this is for adults.

Our first resort, Pahtal, located on a beautiful paradise island in the friendly country of Belize, is a new kind of high end resort. Using already existing technologies, guests can live out fantastic experiences throughout the grounds and in five experiential entertainment domes.
As a masterpiece of Architect Eric Lloyd Wright, this delightful private island club not only has the potential
of attracting millions in revenue per year, but also
might just be destined to be a historic landmark of architectural, artistic and creative genius.